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  • Thu, 16:50: Sometimes I wonder if Seth Meyers knows that people write porn of him and Stefon? I also wonder what he thinks of it XD
  • Thu, 19:57: I voted for the 2011 MLB All-Stars - you should too! Vote now at MLB.com! http://t.co/cdnIR2L via @MLB

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My tweets

  • Tue, 11:00: JJ just tried to jump through a window. Did not work as he planned, I'm sure.
  • Tue, 11:00: RT @RayWJ: Maybe zombies would be more successful in their brain-eating endeavors if they had more charisma.

Scorpius's Request - HP Fanfic (12/?)

Title: Scorpius's Request (Chapter 1)
Author: starshinedc  
Word Count: 1850
Warning(s): None foe this chap
Summary: Little Scorpius comes into Harry's life very unexpectedly when Draco is kidnapped by persons unknown and just wants his daddy back. Will Harry be able to fulfill that wish? And if he can't, who will take care of the child in Draco's absence? Eventual HPDM, R/H
Quick Note: Sorry about the lack of updates recently and the shortness of this one D: 


Harry took his time...Collapse )



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Celebrating With Comment Fic

That's right you guys! In celebration of New York passing their AWESOME legalization of gay marriage, this commentfic meme has been set up!

All fandoms, RPF, all pairings (f/f, m/m) totally welcome!

Right now there's a ton of Supernatural prompts, but ANYTHING is welcome
I chucked up an Inception one and a Harry Potter one XD
Next will probably be Trek (I saw one Gaila/Uhura prompt; intrigued, I am) 

So head on over and PROMPTPROMPTPROMPT.
Also FILLFILLFILL. That would be good too XD

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  • Fri, 17:17: Made it home just ahead of the rain!! Woo XD Though now JJ keeps leaping at the windows every time thunder rattles them. He's so fierce <3
  • Fri, 17:28: RT @MLB: No, Chris Carpenter doesn't like when his center fielder recklessly dives at a ball, turning singles into triples... http://atm ...
  • Fri, 17:30: RT @MLB: You might be wondering, did Matt Holliday intentionally drop this easy flyout? Sure, why not? ... http://atmlb.com/lwpEst
  • Fri, 17:31: RT @jtimberlake: Bad Teacher is out! Who's going to see it tonight???
  • Fri, 17:58: The ceiling is leaking. #wtf #fml
  • Sat, 10:49: RT @chaoticteacup: I want to live in a world where being gay or straight or whatever you want is as normal as eating a sandwich
  • Sat, 10:52: The fam gets home today!!! *looks at messy house* um... Cleaning day!

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Can't Resist

murf1307  is doing it again and my brain went GET IT. So, once again, I'm doing the drabble-meme. First ten commenters get a drabble XD

Fandoms I'm familiar with:

Harry Potter, Sonic the Hedgehog, Bones, Criminal Minds, House, Arrested Development,
Green Hornet, Star Trek: The Original Series, Star Trek: 2009 film, Inception, Night at the Museum,
Hawaii Five-0, Merlin, Sherlock Holmes (RDJ/Jude Law film), Pineapple Express, Monsters vs Aliens,
Ben 10, any Disney film, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, old Nickelodeon, old Cartoon Network

If it's not on this list, ask and I'll see what I can do.
So to get a drabble, just give me...

Prompt (optional)

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